Sam             Coomes


Sam Coomes is a musician/producer based in Cascadia.  In addition to solo work, SC is also one half of the duo Quasi, with Janet Weiss (Sleater-Kinney).  Quasi has released 9 full length albums over a twenty plus year existence, with labels such  as Up, Touch & Go, & Kill Rock Stars in the U.S.A., Domino in Europe, & P-Vine and Hostess in Japan, and toured numerous times in said countries.  Additionally, SC has recorded and/or toured with Built To Spill, Elliott Smith, Jandek, as well as in his own projects Crock (duo with Spencer Seim {Hella}), experimental post-prog collective Pink Mountain (not the Pink Mountaintops...unfortunate happenstance), and Blues Goblins, which is actually just a solo album of psychedelicized blues classics. Also, local good-time noise rock band Deep Fried Boogie Band.  Also, scored several short experimental films by Vanessa Renwick (Oregon Dept. of Kick Ass) & collaborated with Chris Johanson on sound/music for art installations.  More recently, SC has been performing in a quartet with a rubber vulture, a styrofoam head, & a Conn min-o-matic.


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